Why so angry?

Does anyone else just get angry for no real reason? Like I’m not talking slightly irritable and agitated. I’m talking genuinely angry, like struggling to see the point in anything and full on depressed angry hating life mode? Okay fine just me then, oops. The other day I had one of these experiences for the... Continue Reading →


Would I change/get rid off my ASD?

    I think this Is a massive question when it comes to having Autism, or being involved with people with Autism such as family members etc. Whenever there is a show surrounding ASD, you can pretty much guarantee and one point or another, the question would you get rid of your Autism/your son’s/daughter’s Autism... Continue Reading →

What helps my mental health?

Last time I rambled on a little bit about what things could get my mental health in a little bit of a pickle (albeit very briefly otherwise I would’ve been there for hours). Today I want to talk about the sorts of things that I find help me. Of course, these things will not help... Continue Reading →

Mental health unpicked

 Seeing as it’s World Mental Health Day I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my mental health. What struggles I have with it, what impacts upon it both positively and negatively. The most ironic thing about today was the fact that in my school we were all told we had to... Continue Reading →

My journey with Autism, part three

I left off with how my desire for an assessment came about and now let’s delve into the assessment process itself. So, I made myself a Doctor’s appointment with a GP, went in there and said “I’d like to have an assessment for Autism please”. She looked at me, turned to her screen, googled it... Continue Reading →

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